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I got a new logo and color palette, but what do I do with it all? We’ll give you the 411.

Congrats on making a big, exciting leap and investing in not only your branding, but also your business, your dream, and your future.

So you got an awesome new logo, a color palette you’re in love with, and even a nifty brand mark. That’s all fine and well, but what in the heck do you do with it all? How do you implement your new branding?

1. Update Your Website

I know this one seems pretty obvious, but there are SO many elements that need to be updated on your website when you get branding. Beyond the obvious logo and font updates, there are other things like favicons and social share images to think about. All of these details are important for maintaining a cohesive web presence for your brand!

2. Update Your Social Channels

You’ll want to make sure you update your profiles on ALL of your social media channels.

Let’s take IG for example…

You’ll want to make sure you update your highlight covers, emojis in your bio, and profile picture.

It’s also important to think about how you’ll implement your new branding on your IG stories. Think of implementing your brand colors in the text, arrows, accents, etc. that you’ll be adding to your stories. Whenever we work on a branding project, we provide our clients with IG highlight covers, branded GIFs, and templates for both IG posts and stories. This ensures our clients have the tools they need to show up on IG in a way that’s totally on brand.

3. Update Your Products/Packaging

Whether you offer digital or physical products, it’s important to make sure you update everything from PDFs to packaging with your new brand assets.

Our branding projects include pieces of collateral for our clients to choose from, allowing them to add branded presentations, business cards, ebooks, and the like to their assets.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of everything you need to update when you get new assets, hopefully it gets your mind working and thinking of all the stones that need to be turned when it comes to implementing your new branding.